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Coaching Solutions

Internationally Certified Coach with 30+ Years of Global Experience

Do you want to …


– Get better clarity and take smarter actions on your Goals?

– Elevate your capabilities as a Leader?

– Make better decisions for yourself and your Business?

– Leverage your existing strengths, work on your weaknesses,       and realize your potential?

– Build more Productive Relationships?

– Change careers but is confused?

– Be the Best Version of yourself?

– Better Manage your Emotions such as anger, nervousness, and     high anxiety?

– Get rid of health ailments such as phobias, allergies, pains, etc.?

Shyam Kalle

Shyam has coached and conducted workshops for hundreds of people to create sustainable behavioural changes in their lives that have had a positive impact on their goals….



The Unbound Transformation

The “Unbound Transformation” is an extraordinary book which explains that it is not just the skills and capabilities that determine your success, but infact, it’s your beliefs and your mindset that controls everything that you do. You learn how you are programmed to function within what you think are your limits, but infact, there is a much bigger part of you that is waiting to be discovered.
The need today is to gear up yourself to take on the competition by embracing change, excelling in your field of work, have focussed goals to pursue, and the drive to perform. Your subconscious mind controls all what you do, the way you think and behave, and the book shows you how you can use your subconscious faculties effectively through some simple and practical techniques to follow your dreams, have productive conversations with people, strengthen your relationships, and achieve work-life balance. Transformation happens when you make the changes at the mental level and this can really change things for you. Learn how to remove your negative beliefs and fear, build confidence, and raise your performance levels through simple but effective and proven methods.
This book is useful to all managers, aspiring leaders, business owners, students, and anyone who is serious about bringing in a transformational change in themselves that will have a positive impact on their personal and professional life.


NLP was probably the best training which I have attended! Your simple style of teaching / explaining made it very easy for us to understand the topic. The examples you used were very effective and easy to remember. In fact, I was able to effectively apply “rapport” when couple of days back I was introduced to a stranger & ended up having healthy conversation! NLP techniques seem to be very effective and also, the notes you provided is definitely very helpful. Again, thanks a lot for very helpful workshop.

Kundan Rajput Sr. Manager at Tech Mahindra

The NLP workshop was a fabulous one and really enjoyed it. I think the focus on applying some of the techniques such as building rapport and use of the language was really useful. More importantly the tips as how you apply the concepts in your personal and professional life was extremely useful. Overall a weekend well spent !!

Nachiket Khare Asst. Vice-President– Relationships, at Tech Mahindra

Shyam, I really enjoyed the NLP trainings that I attended. Your simple ways of explaining the concepts, and the innovative ideas and exercises helped to understand the concepts effectively. Due to his industry background, Shyam is excellent in  coaching by using NLP techniques .  He thinks out of the box, and brings innovative approach to coaching. I have seen Shyam helping individuals to achieve their goals by effective coaching.

Ashish Deshmukh Managing Director - Accenture

It was a wonderful experience of learning NLP in your 2- day workshop. Although I had some knowledge regarding NLP, I must say that after attending this workshop, I have got detailed knowledge about the various NLP techniques. I have also started using techniques like Effective Use of Language, Rapport, and Goal Setting with my clients, and the results are just amazing, and helping them in a big way to resolve their difficulties. I would definitely suggest this workshop to anyone who wants to make improvement in his / her life. Many thanks for conducting the same.

Mandar Bapat Counsellor, Self-owned Business

Shyam was really insightful in his approach, and throughout was aware about the background of every participant. His communication and intent was crystal clear, and that helped me focus on the content. It was refreshing to experience his openness and broader perspective about life. One significant take away for me from this experience, was about focusing on the bigger picture, vision and mission of life and the importance of self-belief and actions, persistence and resilience.

Sunny Pawar Counsellor for Minim Charitable Trust, an NGO

Just attending the NLP for 2 days gave me knowledge related to things that actually matter and I feel grateful enough to have attended this program. A serious recommendation to not just corporate people, but to everyone who want to know more than what they know about communication or seeking positive change in any other area of their life. I did feel uplifted, and many thanks to Mr Shyam Kalle for doing  a great job, at a very reasonable rate!

Yash Sonar 2nd Year B.Com Student

I have always been a horse who runs the race alone, but you coached me to understand the importance of the team and running with the team, i.e. if team is not there, you cannot run for long. I will always remember this for rest of my life.

Senior Executive Professional at Tech Mahindra ​ (Had issues working with team, and bonding)

Shyam is an excellent coach, who has a unique style of gently, yet powerfully, opening up hidden answers. He shared his valuable techniques and tips such as asking thought provoking questions to strike the right conversation. He has always been more than willing to provide all the guidance and knowledge that could help me.

Senior Executive worked for a large IT Organisation ​(Had severe relationship issues with her husband )

Shyam, I am thankful to you for bringing my thought process to the place where I wanted it to be since a long time. You have a wonderful gift, the gift of healing, and your coaching skills helped me to clearly identify my purpose in life. Your ideas were really eye opening, simple, practical and powerful. You really a wonderful coach. Thanks again.

Renuka Coach, Counselor at NGO (Had issues with her career, her purpose in life, and her relationship)

Shyam, I wanted to share the wonderful experience I had post the NLP treatment I took at your clinic. The continuous pain in my elbows and back has completely gone post the session. It's really magical that it all happened in just 2 sessions. Also my phobia of talking to people has also gone to a great extent and confidence level has improved a lot. Thank you so much for helping me to improve my life experience.

Anjali Dighe Career Counselor (Had consistent body pains, and a phobia of speaking to many people)

I was suffering last 5 years from lot of pain in neck, upper, middle, lower-back, knee, both thighs, both arms as well. Physiotherapy and other medications didn't give me much relief. With the help of NLP that Shyam did on me, it gave me a lot of relief, and in just two sessions, the pain disappeared like magic. I found that it was my deep-rooted emotions that had made this havoc in my body. Thanks a million to you, Shyam. ….

Anuradha K TV and Stage Actress

When I first went to Shyam a few months ago, I was facing a roadblock in my business. I felt helpless because I just couldn't make the required changes. It was as if my brain was unwilling to listen to me. Speaking to him really helped bring a lot of clarity. He asked me the right questions and prodded until I understood what I was going through. Four sessions is all it took. I use the techniques he taught me to tackle my tricky situations and to gain mental strength. I wish Shyam much more success, because in his success lies the success of his clients!

Ritu Goyal Founder- Ease India Travel

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